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Top real estate developer in Los Angeles
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Not just a partner, 
We're your team.

Committed to making your development into an investment that lasts.

Finding investments that last in this industry.

Finding investments that last in this industry.

Our Mission

More than just a contractor, More than just a project manager. More than just a developer.

At Betula Lenta, Inc. we use our real-world knowledge, practice, and attention to detail to present a total approach to real estate development. With extensive experience in cost and time management, our team can come up with exceptional developments of superior value while adhering to each project's budget.

No matter the scope, we always stay engaged in all aspects of the development process, from conception to implementation.

We're not just building properties - we're elevating industry standards.

Top real estate development projects in California
Our Mission
Data driven real estate development projects in Los Angeles
Data-Driven Strategy

With in-house data that has strengthened over the years, we take pride in having formulated an industrial secret to investing. It allows us to provide a complete real estate development service with the trendiest and risk-proof strategies. The extensive data-based strategy empowers us to understand what is expected for each specific type of development.

Real Estate developers in Los Angeles network
One Team of Experienced Experts

Our network of diverse experts work together towards a single vision, delivering developments with enduring value and the potential to become timeless. We carefully evaluate each process in the project to adhere to both financial and time constraints. With years of experience in projects large and small, we have the expertise and the desire to help you succeed.

Message from our CEO

Message From US

Here at Betula Lenta, Inc, we are dedicated to helping investors and businesses bring their ideas to life.

Our team has taken on various projects from small to large scales. We've fostered our talents through trial and error and grown into the amazing team we are today.

We developed in 2004, We've managed projects of over $500 million in real estate development projects. We created Betula Lenta, Inc. with the dream of bringing everyone together in the industry by utilizing our experiences and networks. Understanding the market and supporting the right strategies and services is our primary goal of the operation.

We pride ourselves on staying one step ahead of the trends, technology-changing codes, and competition by utilizing our wide array of corporate solutions. We aim to keep growing until we can provide the right solutions for each of our clients.

Our Mission to Deliver.

The Code Solution delivers solutions for architectural design, entitlements, expediting, financials, and construction. We help you strategize the best routes for the processes then equip you with the best teams, in-house, to deliver those strategies into lasting results.

We have every experience and resource needed to help you make the most efficient developments. 

Developments can often focus more on meeting the deadlines that it becomes easy to miss the important details. Knowing the setbacks these details could create with unforeseen circumstances we sought to create a multi-dimensional approach - Addressing each phase of the development process to improve efficiency and prevent risks.

Best Real Estate Development software in Los Angeles

Terrakan is an online development tool to aid professionals to find, manage, and sell their developments with the best values, online. Made and maintained in-house, it is the best online tool for developers all around.

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TCS Urban Design

TCS Urban Design is an Architectural firm designing urban and residential designs turning your imagination into tomorrow's stunning design. We have an approach that drives us here at TCS Urban Planning and that is being able to see through your lenses.

The Code Solution real estate developer
The Code Solution

The Code Solution delivers initial development strategies for development projects and is the source of all teams providing the strategy.

TCS Building Solution, top consturction management in Los Angeles
TCS Building Solution

TCS Building Solution helps you with construction management to administration during the development. 

Best Real Estate Developers in Los Angeles
Betula Lenta, Inc.

Betula Lenta, Inc. is a team of the best real estate consultants providing solutions for real estate investors looking for opportunities to invest in development or investors for their developments. 

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The Alcazar Suites

The Alcazar Suites focuses on providing innovative ways of living to the new residential and commercial buildings.

Top automated parking solution
The Automated Parking Solution

The Automated Parking Solution, known as TAPS, offers unique underground, automated, and above-ground parking structures, incorporating modern technology and traditional designs to provide the solution for the lack of spaces for parking nowadays.

Real Estate Architects
TCS Design Studio

TCS Design Studio is our team of in-house architect designers helping you bring your idea of a dream house to life.

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