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Elevating Industry Standards

Real estate development projects in Los Angeles

Find a diverse network of services to complete your investment.

Our Services


Project Planning & Management

Proper planning prevents poor performance, let us help you make the most informed decisions about acquisition and strategy before you commit to a deal. Our firm knows how to craft a winning development strategy for every situation.


Land Search

Selecting the best development site can be a minefield of unforeseen risks. We've seen it all and we can help you avoid making costly mistakes. Our clients know that when they send us a parcel to analyze, they get all the facts to help them make an informed choice.  


Budgeting & Underwriting

Experienced developers know it's all in the proforma. We'll itemize everything from start to finish, from filing fees to finishing nails. Knowing exactly what to expect at the onset of a project helps you stay on track, arrange the correct financing and get bills paid on time to prevent delays. 


Architecture & Design

With over 20 years of combined design experience, our firm knows to deliver a successful design every time. But unlike other firms that focus on aesthetics and making a statement, we pride ourselves on efficiency and maximizing profit without sacrificing the comfort and functionality of the end-user. 


Entitlement & Books

Every city has its incentives for developers, and Los Angeles is no exception. We can help navigate the complex code and various ordinances to gain every last advantage available to you on your parcel. Sometimes an obscure entitlement opportunity can take a project's profitability to the next level. 


Permit Processing

Permit processing is a critical stage in the development cycle. Miss a step here, and you could waste months jumping over unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. Choosing a partner with years of experience can make a world of difference. 


Construction Management & Administration

Our firm offers you the ability to have one firm at the helm from inception to construction. When it comes time to construct your new building, we'll be there on-site to get it done on schedule and without any of the all too common budget overruns. 


Tax Credits, Tax-sheltered Development

Betula Lenta, Inc. is proud to be one of the only development firms in California with a deep knowledge of tax credits and how to leverage them for your development's bottom line. We can help you target properties that will qualify for these incentives and assist you with the applications to get these benefits. 


Political Liaison

Whether we like it or not, development has become a highly politicized issue in recent years. There are more neighborhood councils and local interest groups than ever before. The last thing you want to do is go into one of these meetings unprepared. Let us help guide you through.

Our Services
Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Find the right investment for you.

Construction tool used in real estate development
Fee Developer for real estate investing
Apartment Building for real estate development
city real estate development
Pure Investment

Pure Investment is a solution for all investors looking to place their investment in a secured estate. By bringing our best services together, your investment is guaranteed for profit.

Joint Venture

As a joint venture, we collaborate on a project together as an investment. Under the construction of our strategies, we can optimize the potential of profit.


As a Fee-developer, we provide all services throughout the development process for a percentile fee. We work hard, so you don't have to.

Fee Developer
Joint Venture
Pure Investment
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